Safe Galaxy Note7 units have box identification symbol & a green battery icon


Safe Galaxy Note7 units

Safe Galaxy Note7 units to ship with visible identification symbol on the box and in the software.

Samsung Electronics is almost ready to ship new and safe Galaxy Note7 units world-wide, which will be replacing the defective ones the OEM already started withdrawing from the market earlier this month.

On this note, Samsung has released a ‘How to identify a safe unit’ guide, so that anyone who is looking to buy a Galaxy Note7 will be able to easily detect if its a safe or a fire hazard unit.

Samsung says that it has introduced a “Green battery icon in three specific software changes“, visible on the Always On Display screen, in the Status Bar and the Power Off prompt screen, which one can access by long-pressing the Power key.


Another hint that you’re buying safe Galaxy Note7 units is indicated by the Square symbol found on the label of the packaging box as depicted in the image below above.

Please note that the green battery icon will only appear after the update/s are installed as Samsung points out in its official blog post.

Update: here are a couple of live stills of a safe Galaxy Note 7 unit which has the green battery icon Samsung Electronics is talking about.