Best five Android app picks of September 2016


Best five Android app picks of September 2016

We all know that Android is an open-source platform and what this means for regular users, is that there are tons of apps available on the Google Play store, developed by great developers in order to provide better alternatives to many of well-known apps like Youtube, SoundCloud and more.

In this article we are pleased to introduce and recommend  you such alternative apps and games: from a great icon pack to personalize your home screen UI a bit, to a third-party Launcher, to an alternative to Prisma photo app, a  YouTube app replacement app that gives one more control when he is multi-tasking, an online bingo game on, a recently updated site which has a brilliant thought out design and top grade UX. .

So let’s get started with the following best five Android apps of September 2016.

  1. Vinci

Vinci is a faster alternative to Prisma, the well-known Android app which can turn your photos into a great piece of art using AI technology (Artificial Intelligence). Altough Vinci doesn’t have as many filters as Prisma does (yet), it has a better speed when you apply a filter. And if you didn’t know, Vinci is developed by VK (VKontakte), a Russian social network.

  1. Free music for YouTube: Stream

YouTube has a pop-up feature for it’s videos, but only inside the app, when you’re looking for more videos to watch. But what YouTube’s official app can’t do is put the video into a small pop-up and keep playing while we do what we want to do, like texting on Whatsapp, browsing Facebook or anything else. Well, “Free music for YouTube: Stream” has this feature and it’s absolutely awesome. You can watch a YouTube video in a resizable pop-up and you can place it anywhere on the screen. That’s a feature we all want to see on Youtube’s official app, but thanks to some open-minded developers, we can enjoy this feature through a 3rd party app.

  1. Mysplash

Mysplash is an unnoficial client of website. Because doesn’t have a dedicated app for Android, so developers created one. Mysplash is the best alternative to download thousands of high definition wallpapers.  The great part is that all the wallpapers are photos made by professional artists and they are free to download. Also, the resolution is always higher than 1920x1080p (FHD), that means you won’t see any low quality wallpapers in there.

  1. CandyCons

Got bored of your stock launcher’s app icons? Try CandyCons. This app is completely free and combining a 3rd-party launcher you’ll have a great UI experience. The icon pack is based on Material Design and right now it has over 1000 HD icons. Once applied, CandyCons will set-up it’s own stock look over your app icons and also provides you alternatives to some of them. For example, the icon packs provides more unique icons for Dialer app, Messages app, Contacts and more.

  1. Monopoly Bingo!

Want to try your luck in an online bingo game? Monopoly Bing