Did HTC lied about ’15-days update guaranteed’, when it launched the One A9?


Did HTC lied

On July 1st, at the time Google officialized Android 7.0’s code name as being Nougat through the unveil of a new statue in front of Building 44, in California, HTC immediately came out to make some waves in the Android world by announcing the update is coming to three of its key smartphones: HTC 10, HTC M9 and the One A9.As good as that news sounded at the time in HTC One users ears, it looks like it was only a PR stunt, and it is not the only one.

HTC posted an interesting tweet on its official Twitter account earlier today, in which it states that HTC 10 is the first of the three devices confirmed back in July to receive the update to Nougat in Q4 2016, followed by M9 and then One A9. It appears that the promise made by HTC at the launch of One A9 of getting updates early (15-days guaranteed) , were only marketing hooks to increase sales. Unhappy HTC One A9 owners have immediately reacted to HTC’s tweet.

Is this only a misunderstanding between HTC and its PR agency in charge of the social media accounts, or did the company really drop the commitment it has made to its customers less than a year ago?

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