Google Nexus 2016 might look like this (glass / metal housing?)


Google Nexus 2016 might look

To tell you the truth, we, at Pocketdroid, were a bit reticent on Monday, when the news broke about those alleged Nexus 2016 images. It is the reason that we did not publish anything until today.

After looking closely at the information given by the sources and with a couple of newly leaked images surfacing on the Internets, we can now confirm that indeed these are images that portray a Google Nexus 2016 smartphone.

Both, Android Police and the anonymous USBFL Twitter account, contradicted themselves online for the last couple of days over Nexus’ housing material. One says that it is metal, the other claim it is made of glass. Likely, both are right in their own way. Plus the rumour has it that Google is preparing more than one Nexus device, with hTC and Huawei designated to make them. An Huawei exec even went ahead and bragged about the Chinese OEM building another Nexus device for Google, at an event held in South Africa earlier this year.