Samsung introduces world’s first UFS memory card line-up



The days of MicroSD cards are numbered as Samsung has unveiled world’s first UFS (Unified Flash Storage) memory which aims to deliver higher transfer speeds and storage space than conventional memory cards.

Embedded UFS displaced eMMC as primary storage last year with the debut of the Galaxy S6 series but Samsung is not done yet, the technology giant has introduced UFS removable memory cards which will come in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB flavours and will have double the transfer speed of high-end UHS-1 MicroSD cards, i.e from an average of 170 MB/s to 530 MB/s.

This essentially means that you’ll be able to move a 5GB HD movie in approximately 10 seconds. It’s however the random read rate which has been significantly improved, from a mere 1,800 IOPS for current MicroSD cards to 40,000 IOPS while random I/O performance was bumped to 35,000 IOPS, 350 higher than any MicroSD cards. This level of read/write performance pretty much brings those new memory cards on par with current generation SATA III SSDs.


JEDEC UFS removable card standard had been published earlier in March so more manufacturers are expected to announced their offerings in the coming months. It’s worth noting that UFS cards will not be compatible with conventional MicroSD cards as the pin-out is different. Prices have yet been announced but the technology is expected to make its way into the next Galaxy S flagship.

via Samsung