Galaxy Note 7 front panel alleged leak hints at retina scanner


Galaxy Note 7 front panel

Fingerprint sensors aren’t a thing anymore. In fact, they are so common nowadays on smartphones that it is considered a standard feature on such smart handhelds.

So, to keep its customers happy and interested in buying future smart devices, Samsung Electronics is allegedly looking to embed for the first time an Iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which should be out by August 2016. Retina scanning technology could become the next great thing starting this fall, as smartphone makers are trying to keep these gadgets appealing to customers. Samsung has seen a drop in smartphone sales in the last couple of years. In fact, the company has recently adopted a new strategy to keep its smartphone business profitable.

This week a couple of photographs allegedly showing the front panel of a Galaxy Note 7 unit might depict where the Iris scanner wil sit on the device. Compared to Galaxy S7 Edge front panel, the Note 7’s alleged panel has several cutouts at the top of the screen, possibly hinting at retina scanning technology. Samsung logo has disappeared to make way to all these large cutouts, however, the bezel size seems decent. Don’t you agree?


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will inherit S7 Edge design, meaning it will come with a curved Super AMOLED display on both sides. The screen size is rumoured to measure 5.8-inches, while the resolution stays Quad HD / 2K.

Other rumoured specs include the Snapdragon 823 (also known as Snapdragon 821) and/or Exynos chip (depending on the market), 6GB of RAM, 12MP camera sensor on the back, same glass with metal combined housing and a battery ranging between 3,600 to 4,000 mAh.