Android apps compatibility with Chrome OS make Chromebooks more attractive


Android apps compatibility with Chrome OS

Android apps compatibility with Chrome OS, will make Chromebooks a best buy again, starting this fall.

Because of their low price point and Google eco-system offering (Gmail, Docs, YouTube, Drive, etc) Chromebooks are the most desirable laptops among pupils and students for the last few years and with Android apps compatibility with Chrome OS coming very soon, will make Chromebooks even more attractive to people.

Google has looked into the possibility of making Android apps available to Chrome OS for a couple of years now, but only this year it has decided that it is time to make it official, as the OS hasn’t taken off of th ground as Google would have wanted it. The lack of offline usability and not too many options in terms of available apps in the Chrome Web store made Chrome OS less appealing in front of Linux, Windows or macOS. But all this will change starting this fall, when Google will roll out the Google Play store to Chromebooks. Right now, only Asus’ Chromebook Flip has access to the Play store through which you can install Android apps.

Microsoft Office 360 suite for Android is also available and working just fine in Chrome OS. Other usefull apps such as VLC player, Winamp and all those cool games the Android ecosystem provides one will be able to install and run on a Chromebook, by the end of this fall.