Is The Xiaomi Mi5 A Gaming Phone?


Xiaomi Mi5 A Gaming Phone

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi appears to be going from strength to strength with their latest creations. They’re becoming better known around the world, which is no mean feat from a Chinese manufacturer. They’re working on distancing themselves from the idea that goods from this area of the world are unreliable or cheap.

One way they’re doing this is with the release of their Mi5 mobile phone, we went undercover to figure out just what this phone is capable of. Here’s our mini review of the gaming capacity of the phone:


This phone has a full 1080p screen and although this may seem like a downgrade from 4K, there’s a very good reason for this. It all comes down to the performance and how much work a 4K screen needs to keep it running. Instead of pushing the pixels, Xiaomi have invested their resources in creating a high quality screen that can perform under pressure.

Depending on the type of game, you may not even notice the pixel count as you play – especially if you’re playing mobile casino games. The ones on sites like look best in HD but there’s no need to go up to 4K for them.

xiaomi-mi5 (1)


The speakers on the Mi5 are nothing to write home about, they’re acceptable without being noteworthy. They’re fine for mobile gaming but not at incredibly high volumes, as the sound tends to get a little obscured.

Processing Power

It’s the Snapdragon 820 that provides the power in this phone and it does a great job of it too. This, paired with the decreased power needed for the screen, makes the phone a speedy and well-made system.

It handles even the most difficult to render games with ease and stays cool doing so. There’s no faltering or lagging when it comes to this miracle of a device, which is well priced to boot. Xiaomi have moved the goals with this phone, especially when you consider how much more you could pay for similar specs.

Operating System

The device uses the proprietary MIUI version of Android, which offers users a sleek experience and capitalises on the hardware. With the Mi5 you’ll have access to the Play Store and the world of games that it contains.

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