Lenovo shows off its flexible CPlus smartphone and Folio tablet


Lenovo shows off its flexible CPlus smartphone

During Lenovo’s Tech World event, last night, the company surprised the crowed with a pair of flexible prototype devices dubbed Cplus and Folio, aside from launching its 2016 Moto Z flagship smartphones.

Lenovo CPlus is to some degree a flexible smartphone that wraps around your wrist like a bracelet or a smartwatch, while the Folio is a flexible tablet that bends in half and has mobile phone functionality, as demonstrated at the event by famous Youtuber, Meghan McCarthy, who was in the crowd and on stage later, at the press conference.


While Lenovo hasn’t revealed anything about their specs yet, it clearly shows that both are running Android, however, these flexible/bendable products are not ready for commercial use yet. But 2017 announces itself as the year of such flexible devices, as Samsung and LG promises to launch similar handhelds.

Take a look at the demo!