Lenovo partners with Movidius for its VPU integration in future VR devices


Lenovo partners with Movidius

Lenovo announces its partnershipt with Romanian visual processing unit maker Movidius, which will lead to future more powerful and capable of image processing Virtual Reality devices.

Movidius is know for its Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) chip, that helps computers process visual information, such as sensing the depth and space, recognizing faces, human gestures and more. Movidius’ VPU is nothing more than a helpful companion, which means less processing work for CPU’s and GPU’s by taking upon itself (chip) all the visual processing.

The small but soon to become world-wide known for its VPU’s, Movidius has recently also partnered with drone maker DJI, that integrated its Myriad 2 chipset into its newest DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Visual image recognition technology is not new, but it is now on the verge of making big impact on many tech industry segments. Take the self-driving cars market (A.I. driven vehicles) for example, where companies like Google, Uber and Apple are looking to invest big; security cameras is another segment where such technology will have its use and last but not least, we will see such chipsets embeded in a wide range of consumer devices: from drones to smartphones, tablets and many more gadgets in the nearest future.

Lenovo is about to make an announcement about their partnership with Movidius at Lenovo’s Tech World event, which is starting later today. The press conference will be live streamed by Lenovo on YouTube.