Lenovo teases Moto Z’s 16 pins and the Moto Mods


lenovo-moto-z (3)

Lenovo teases the up and coming flagship smartphone dubbed Moto Z all over the place, but mainly in Asia. The company is one day away from unveiling its 2016 Moto series top-tier handset at the annual Lenovo Tech World event, which will be taking place in Los Angeles, California, on June 9 2016.

Lenovo’s teaser posters confirm that all those previously leaked images were portraying the real deal, the Moto Z that a lot of Motorola fans are eager to see it unveiled.

lenovo-moto-z (2)

We’ve got the huge round-ish camera lens on the back of the phone depicted perfectly in one of the teasing materials Lenovo published recently on Weibo social network in China, as well as hints at those 16 pins down at the back of the device, through which the Moto Mods (smart accessories) can easily get slap and connected onto the Moto Z. The same ads point at DSLR like and audio enhancement accessory, kind of like the one Bang & Olufsen made for LG’s G5 flagship smartphone.

Lenovo’s Tech World press event will most likely be streamed live tomorrow over the Internet. So, be sure to check back here for a link to the live video stream.