Google Play Awards 2016 – The Winners (video)


Google Play Awards 2016

Not too long ago the Google Play store reached a new milestone — 1 billion Android users across 190 countries, and to celebrate it properly Google Inc kicked off the first-ever Google Play Awards event at Google I/O 2016 (sort of like the Oscars ceremony, but for mobile developers).

The Google Play Awards 2016 counted more than 50 nominees (apps and games) this year, out of which 10 were voted as the best at their respective category.

And the winners of the first Google Play Awards edition are:

Category                                                        Title                                                   Company

1) Indie                                                                AlphaBear                                        Spry Fox LLC
2) Best use of Google Play services              Table Tennis Touch                                        Yakuto
3) Best use of Material Design                           Robinhood                                             Robinhood
4) Standout Startup                                               Hopper                                                Hopper Inc
5) Best Families Apps                                       Thinkrolls 2                                               Avokiddo
6) Most Innovative                                                NYT VR                                  The New York Times Company
7) Early Adopter                                         World Around Me                                          WT InfoTech
8) Go Global                                           Pokemon Shuffle Mobile                           The Pokemon Company
9) Best App                                                         Houzz                                                      Houzz
10) Best Game                                               Clash Royale                                              Supercell

You can also watch the entire 30 minutes recording of the show, available on Android Developers YouTube channel.