Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition to offer Batman goodies to its fans


Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition

Samsung Electronics has just announced that it will be launching a Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition model packed with all sorts of Batman goodies. The smartphone will have the Batman gold-ish logo imprinted at the back (underneath its sheet of Gorilla Glass 4). Gold-ish accents will be found around the Home button, the ear-piece and around the Camera and the LED Flash as well.

Last year it was about Marvel’s Universe (Iron Man edition), this year it appears that Samsung has switched sides choosing DC Comics for the Injustice Batman limited edition.


The Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition will ship inside a wonderful black box with the same Batman logo imprinted on it and it will carry inside a customized Gear VR Oculus, a plasticky Batman cover for the protection of the limited edition S7 edge, as well as all the other standard accessories: the wall adapter, USB cable and the ear buds. Software-wise expect a Batman skin on top of Android Marshmallow instead of the regular TouchWiz UX, the Injustice: Gods Among Us game pre-installed, plus Batman Prime Pack which is nothing more nothing less than $100 voucher in game credit.

In terms of specs, the S7 Edge Injustice Edition will not change in any way. It will pack the same CPU, the same amount of RAM and ROM, the same camera and battery.

Samsung will begin selling the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition on June 13th in key markets.