Google’s List of shame might persuade vendors to update devices on time


Google's List of shame

Google is looking for a way to persuade Android-powered smartphone makers into rolling software updates periodically and without any interruptions or delay to their customers. And it might just found the solution!

We all know how frustrating it is to spend over £500 on a gadget that’s always outdated in terms of software, but more importantly, or should we say scarier, it leaves owners of such handhelds vulnerable and exposed in front of ill intended people looking to exploit security holes in the system, apps or games.

To address this matter, Google is about to start a List of shame through which the company might point publicly fingers towards those unwilling (vendors) to update users devices on a monthly basis, or, at least each quarter to keep them and their private data safe.

Do you think such a list of shame will determine in the near future Android OEMs to patch their gadgets on time or nothing will change.