Google Play Store 6.7 update brings access to Android apps still in beta development



Well, If you are one of those geeky Android users who are constantly looking to test anything new (apps, games, widgets) still under development, the latest Google Play store 6.7 update brings you just that. Early access to beta Android apps via Google’s Play store.

The Google Play Store 6.7 update that Google is currently rolling out in stages to Android devices focuses on offering developers a better way of communicating with their users, hence the possibility of joining and leaving a beta test program as well as offering Developer feedback within the Play Store app itself.

In this update one will no longer have to subscribe to private forums, browsing developers own websites, but rather tap on Google Play store icon to open it, Search for the respective app and if there is a beta program for it, then you can subscribe, follow and comment.

Follow the link below if you’re eager to test the latest version of Google Play store. (The link is provided by Android Police).