Screen Off Keep Playing lets you play YouTube tracks with the screen dimmed


Screen Off Keep Playing

It pains me every time I am listening to one of my favourite tracks on YouTube, because I cannot either set it to repeat itself or leave the clip running in the background of my smartphone without consuming too much battery, while I am doing something else.

Well, now there is a way, sort of. Called ‘Screen Off Keep Playing‘, the app once installed on an Android powered smartphone, it allows one to play any track via the YouTube app and with the screen dimmed to its lowest value, almost as if the screen is off (in its sleep mode).

The developer of Screen Off Keep Playing says that the app works great with AMOLED screen equipped devices. We’ve tried it ourselves on an HTC One A9, and it works as expected. On LCD panels the app can’t really turn off the pixels, but it will drain as little as possible energy from your battery.

Give it a go! Screen Off Keep Playing is available for free at Google Play store. By the way, avoid tracks with ads, they are annoying when listening to music.