Moto X 4th Gen design allegedly leaked!


Moto X 4th Gen design

This could and probably will be the first year for Moto devices being released without their ‘Motorola’ branding. Instead, we are expecting to see shipped smartphones using ‘Moto by Lenovo’ branding. The one thing the new line will retain is the circled M logo.


With that in mind, Lenovo is close to announcing the Moto X 4th Gen, a smartphone expected to launch by the end of the summer sporting a metal housing, according to Evan Blass and an image leaked late last year. Moto X 4th Gen will likely also be available as a plasticky variant, one that will feature a rather recusant texture as seen in one of the alleged press renders below. This could mean that the Moto Maker tool is here to stay for at least another year.


Moto X 4th Gen might come with rounded corners reminiscent of the first generation Moto X, a large speaker grill and a Lumia-like huge Camera lens on the back of it. But also with a fingerprinte sensor at the front, which might act as a Home button as well.

If these are real renders, expect an updated Active Display software function, as well as front-facing hoover/proximity sensors placed at the top and the bottom of the screen itself.

How do you feel about Moto X 4th Gen possbile future design?