Rick Osterloh brought back to Google, to lead a hardware division

Rick Osterloh brought back to Google
photo credit: Rick Osterloh via Twitter

Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s president until Lenovo purchased the company from Google and started making changes within the executive structures, is coming back to Google Inc to run a hardware division for the Search giant. Osterloh confirmed his new job this morning in a tweet on Twitter.

Rick Osterloh becomes the Senior Vice-President of Hardware Product Line, reporting directly to Google CEO, Sundar Pinchai. Google is apparently looking to adopt Apple and more recently Microsoft’s strategy, building its own hardware for the already great software — Android.

With Rick Osterloh at the lead of Google’s Hardware Product Line, we should expect some really cool smart gadgets in the nearest future, including Nexus and Chrome-based devices, ATAP (the modular phone that has never seen the light of day, 3D mapping, virtual reality), Glass division and the OnHub (Nest – smart home appliances)

How would you feel about Google Inc manufacturing its own Chromebook’s, Nexus and other devices, in the coming years?