Associations Word Game by PeakselGames trains your brain


Associations word game

PeakselGames proposes a fun and entertaining way to train our brain during breaks at work with our colleagues for example or at home with the family members and/or with friends.

Associations is a word game that allows one to play versus another remote player through any Android powered device.

Experts say that brain training games have the same positive effects on brain cells production as reading a book or riding a bike. When the brain is subject to learning or training, e.g. through video games,  thousands of new connections are being formed. As a result, players continuously improve their brain performance.

Among the features of Associations word game is a beat the clock challenge, play with a friend, colleague or a family member or in a standalone game, where one has to solve over 200 fun associations (using 4 given words to find the key word in order to solve the puzzle of each association).

Associations is a free to download word game and you can get it through the Google Play store.