Huawei 7P trademark application spotted at USPTO, no Nexus branding!


Huawei 7P

Huawei 7P could be a 2016 non-Nexus device running clean stock Android 7.0 (N build), following in the footsteps of the Nexus 6P.

2015 was the year Huawei joined the ranks of select few mobile makers that built a Nexus device for Google Inc. More than that, the Nexus 6P by Huawei is considered by many, the first actually premium smartphone in the Nexus series.

Like last year, Google is expected to launch two Nexus smartphones in 2016, however, none of them manufactured by Huawei. Word on the street is, that HTC is Google’s choice for at least one of these two new bad boys.

A recent USPTO trademark filling made by Huawei seems to suggest that the Chinese mobile maker is looking to take advantage of the success the Nexus 6P has among the American smartphone consumers by building a new one even though without the Nexus branding on it. Huawei 7P is the trademark name Huawei requested for registration with the USPTO.

How would you feel about a Nexus-like Huawei 7P smartphone with clean stock Android experience? Do you think it would sell in the US? What about Europe or the Asian market?