Pressure sensitive display on the upcoming HTC Nexus?

Pressure sensitive display on the upcoming HTC Nexus
photo credit: Huawei

Last fall Apple introduced a pressure sensitive display with the announcement of the iPhone 6s (although its functionality remains very limited), a feature already supported by the Android operating system but not much developed and exploited by the mobile makers.

However, things might change this year for Android-powered devices, because the rumour has it, that Google in partnership with HTC will equip the 2016 Nexus smartphone with similar functionality. China Today reports that Google will integrate advanced force touch functionality within the Android N (build expected to make its debut this May at Google I/O 16), and thus have the required support for pressure sensitive displays and making it a standard feature on any Android device running this build version by the end of 2016.

The same publications says that HTC’ Nexus phone will not be the only one to adopt such a feature, manufacturer from China such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu and Vivo will also carry it out in their future smartphones.

How do you feel about pressure sensitive displays? Is such a feature required?