Some of the Best Android apps of 2015


Some of the Best Android apps of 2015

Over recent years, the apps industry has evolved enormously with a huge variety of apps hitting the market and developers continually working on increasingly advanced apps for use with smartphones and tablets. In 2015, consumers were able to enjoy access to apps to help with practically every area of their lives from assisting in the smooth running of business through to lifestyle advice, budgeting assistance and even entertainment such as playing online slot games or streaming movies and TV shows while on the move.

Over the course of last year, we used apps to assist us in many areas of our lives and there are some app types that have proven particularly useful and popular amongst owners of smart devices. From keeping us organised through to keeping us entertained, it seems that the average smartphone or tablet user simply can’t get enough of today’s wide range of apps.

Some of the most popular app types last year

While people have their own preferences and needs when it comes to the types of apps that they use, there were some app types that were particularly popular during the course of 2015. Some of the best ones included:

Social networking apps: Social networking has become huge across the globe, enabling people to stay connected, communicate with ease, share information and photos, and much more. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking apps have become huge with smart device owners relishing the ability to be able to connect via these apps even when they are on the move.

Gaming apps: More and more people these days use their smart devices to enjoy a wide variety of gaming such as puzzle games, strategy games and even online slot games. People love having entertainment at their fingertips, which is why apps like Betway’s have become so popular. Users can access everything from virtual slots to a range of table games enabling them to enjoy fun and entertainment no matter where they are.

Music apps: Music is a form of entertainment that most people love, so it comes as no surprise that music apps have become big business amongst smart device users. Music apps such as Spotify are extremely popular and enable users to access a huge variety of music from different genres. Apple Music, SoundCloud and Digital DJs are just a few of the other popular music apps that can be downloaded with ease.

Fitness apps: Over recent years, more and more people have become increasingly health conscious and this has led to a surge in the development of and popularity of fitness apps. These are apps that can help with everything from counting calories and tracking progress through to providing personal and customised advice relating to diet and exercise.

Travel and map apps: We all like to have a helping hand when it comes to travelling and finding our way around unfamiliar territory and this help has become available in the form of travel and map apps. Whether you are heading out on a business trip or going to enjoy a holiday with friends and family, these apps can help to provide you with increased ease, convenience and peace of mind.

These are just some of the top app types that found their way onto millions of smartphones and tablets over the course of 2015, and are certain to continue enjoying huge popularity during 2016.