Nokia’s alleged Android powered prototype smartphones get photographed



Nokia Technologies (what’s left of the Finnish company after Microsoft buyout) has plenty of time until Microsoft embargo is lifted (when the contract acquisition clause expires) to try to develop new smartphones that will be able to market by the end of 2016.

Proof that Nokia is hard at work developing new handsets, are these images that once in a while hit the Internets, showing some rather interesting devices.


According to the source who released these photos on a social network in Asia, at least one of the Nokia smartphones is made entirely of metal (Aluminium). As you can easily distinguish from these images, the White model is likely made of glossy plastic material combined with a metal frame, while the grey model is all-metal (unibody design).

While these devices give hope to Nokia fans around the globe, we wont be seeing them very soon released on the market. Our guess is, November – December 2016, if not early 2017, at the next Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.


Both Nokia prototypes will probably run Android operating system, but what is more interesting is that the source of these photographs claim that one of them will cost under 80 Euro. Probably the grey model.