HTC rumoured to work on the next Nexus smartphone for Google


HTC rumoured to work on the next Nexus

HTC was the road opener to Google’s Nexus series with the Nexus One smartphone, back in 2010. Since then, there were 7 more smartphones and 4 tablets released under the Nexus brand by Google in cooperation with manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, LG, Huawei.

In 2014, HTC re-entered Google’s Nexus program and the tablet market as well, with the Nexus 9, and since they are not in such a comfortable position, financially speaking, HTC might get back in the game in 2016, after announcing the One A9 and the One X9 in late 2015, and looking forward to releasing the 2016 flagship smartphone (probably dubbed One M10) this year, along with one (or maybe two?) Nexus smartphones as the rumours start to surface.

HTC is said to be working under Google’s close supervision on the development of a couple of new Nexus handsets; one codenamed T50 (5″ smartphone), the other T55 (5.5″ phablet).

But, since this is only speculation at this point, we advise to take this with a grain of salt until further details emerges, something more concrete than just rumours.

Would you fancy a HTC Nexus smartphone this year? Could this be HTC’s comeback in the top 5 leading mobile makers world-wide?