LG G5 could have a slide out battery thanks to new ‘modular’ design


LG G5 could have a slide out battery

Now that CES 2016 is out of the way, it’s time for the rumour mill on the 2016 flagship phones to ramp up. Today, reports of the LG G5 will have a user-replaceable battery has hit the news with an interesting design feature:

LG G5 could have a slide out battery tanks to ‘modular’ design:

There are two types of battery on the market: the user-replaceable one, and the non-accessible one. Both have their obvious advantages and disadvantages. The accessible one allows you to change the battery when it’s no longer holding a full day’s charge, but the phone design will generally be bigger to allow for access.
The non-accessible one allows for a slimmer design (now days mostly unibody like the HTC One A9) but means that when the battery has become poor, you either have to carry a charger with you 24/7 or upgrade to a new phone.

LG are allegedly trying to have the best of both worlds with a new design rumoured to be ‘modular’ in design and allow users to access their battery.

Modular is probably a bit of a misnomer, as it won’t allow you to change other aspects of the phone like Google’s planned Project ARA, but rather an innovative design to allow access to the battery whilst still keeping the slim design of the phone.

Bear in mind these are rumours from Korea, and nothing has been proved yet. A render of the possible design has surfaced by CNET Korea, showing the bottom of the LG G5 removed to allow the battery to slide in/out. the removable bottom piece would still need to have microphone, speaker and USB port, so the connections would need to be incorporated into the release mechanism, but this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Another alleged design change from previous LG flagships is that the power and volume buttons would move from the rear of the device to the side, leaving only the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back. This is a big change from previous LG G models, which pioneered the buttons on the rear of the device.

As for hardware of the LG G5, we have no idea what it will have. Rumours of a 5.3″ QHD display possibly with the new Snapdragon 820 SOC and a 13MP camera are floating around, but nothing can be confirmed this early on. You’ll remember the LG G4’s main selling point was it’s rear camera, so it’s fair to assume the trend will continue with the LG G5.

More on the G5 will probably be revealed by LG Electronics itself, at its Mobile World Congress 2016 press event, on February 21, in Barcelona.