Huawei P9 alleged sketch emerges. Design cues from iPhone & Galaxy S?



As the most important event of the year in the mobile industry approaches rapidly – Mobile World Congress, most smartphone makers are giving all their best on developing top of the line smartphones for 2016, and all this to compete with the likes of Apple and, if possible win the ‘Best smartphone of the year award,” growing at the same time their income.

Huawei is one such mobile maker, which in recent years has taken important steps and making threats at the number 1 position in the ‘Top mobile makers world-wide’. It is true, that they are currently ranked 3rd best mobile maker in the world, after Samsung and Apple, but they’ve managed to climb at a high pace on this position  for the last couple of years, outranking manufactures such as LG, Sony, Motorola or HTC.huawei-p9

The rumour has it that Huawei will unleash its flagship smartphone, namely Huawei P9, a little earlier than usual this year, and with an out of the patterns design. As you might have noticed, the Ascend P flagship series followed a more square-ish design starting 2013 (when the Chinese brand introduced the Ascend P6 to the public) and onwards, but according to a Huawei P9 alleged sketch that has made the rounds on the Internet in Asia for the last 24 hours, Huawei seems to be taking a rather different approach in 2016. The alleged Huawei P9 will look more round-ish (more like an iPhone) and with the Home button taking design cues from Samsung Galaxy series, and there’s also a dual Camera sensor on the back apparently, something we’ve seen introduced by HTC with the One series.

So what do you think about the Huawei P9 potential design? Would you fancy such a flagship phone from Huawei this year?