Google and Lenovo announces Project Tango smartphone


Project Tango app developers wanted by Lenovo

At CES 2016, Lenovo (new owners of Motorola) called for App developers to come forward to have their app featured on the first Project Tango phone developed by Lenovo.

Project Tango app developers wanted by Lenovo:

If you hadn’t already heard, Project Tango is a new project by Google which allows compatible devices to ‘see’ the real world and give real time information. Apps can range from Augmented reality, real world measurement, and even indoor mapping.

Lenovo are calling for app developers to submit to them a detailed app plan by February 15 2016. The required componants are:

  • Project schedule including milestones for development –– Lenovo will reach out to the selected developers by March 15, 2016
  • Visual mockups of your idea including concept art
  • Smartphone app screenshots and videos, such as captured app footage
  • Appropriate narrative including storyboards, etc.
  • Breakdown of your team and its members
  • One pager introducing your past app portfolio and your company profile

Project Tango

To get a better idea of what Projet Tango can do for you and for App developers, Lowe’s Home Improvement teamed up with Elementals Web to produce an app that allows users to point their Project Tango-enabled device to your kitchen and the app tells you what fridge or dishwasher will fit where depending on the spaces available.

Project Tango2

Another example given was developed by Schell Games, where you can play virtual Jenga with your friends on any surface with your Project Tango phone without having to worry about clearing up the mess when the tower falls.

There are already some great apps ready for Project Tango on Google Play, now we just need the real device to use it, and it seems like Lenovo will be the first to get that device into consumer’s hands. Details as to when that will be are still not given, but if they’re searching for developers, it sounds like it could be in the not too distant future.

More information on Project Tango can be found here.

Source: Android Dev Blog