Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Power unveiled at CES 2016


Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Power

Still catching up with CES 2016 news, we have news of two new Polaroid Android phones released; the Polaroid Snap and the Polaroid Power, both in various screen sizes.

Polaroid Snap:

For those who were not around in the days of Film photography, Polaroid were as big as Kodak and Leica (again, if that means nothing to you, they were as big as Microsoft and Apple). The entire concept of Polaroid back in their heyday was the ability to have instant prints of your photos, rather than having to wait for the film to finish and sending off the film to be processed.

In the day of Digital and mobile photography, however, Polaroids have fallen out of favour, now just a low end camera developer. In an attempt to get back into the public eye, Polaroid released two new Android based phones at CES 2016.

The first is for the budget conscious and has been dubbed the Polaroid Snap. It comes in 3 screen sizes starting from 5″, 5.5″ and 6″, with each having the same screen resolution of 1280×720, which sadly means the pixel density reduces as the screen size grows. The 6″ tablet only has a pixel density of 244ppi.

As for the internal hardware, the Polaroid Snap is powered by a Quad-Core processor, although Polaroid have omitted to tell us the make and model of the SOC. Backing this up will be either 1GB of RAM with 8GB storage, or 2GB of RAM with 16GB storage. No mention as to whether there is an expandable SD card slot with that.

As for the cameras, the Polaroid Snap will have a 13MP camera on the rear and 5MP on the front, both of which will have a flash – much like the Moto X Play – so no more dingy selfies in low light. The Polaroid Snap will also have LTE aerials, so data connection won’t be a problem, and will launch with Android Lollipop 5.1 out of the box, with a planned update to Marshmallow in the future.

The Polaroid Snap will launch with prices starting from $130 (£89), although there is no details on launch date.

Polaroid Power:

Polaroid Power

The second phone to be revealed by Polaroid is a monster Phablet called the Polaroid Power. The Power will be a 6″ FullHD phone which will be run by a Octa-Core processor (again, no name or model given), and will come with 3GB or RAM and 32GB of storage.

The camera combination on the Polaroid Power is 13MP/8MP, but this time, no forward facing flash. The Power will be powered by a 3000mAh battery, which is oddly low considering the name. It will ship, however