Samsung Marshmallow Beta program launched in South Korea


Samsung Marshmallow Beta Program

Samsung, and Android manufacturers in general, have always been criticised for the way they handle firmware upgrades. Unless you run the Nexus line of devices, it can be months before you get the latest updates from your phone manufacturer (if you’re lucky to get them at all). The main reason behind this is because all manufacturers have more than one Android device on their list. Samsung more than others.  However, in an attempt to combat this, South Korean manufacturer has launched a program to cut down delays. Today, it was announced that a Samsung Marshmallow Beta program was launched.

Samsung Marshmallow Beta program launched:

When Lollipop came along, Samsung had some major difficulties with the update which actually delayed and halted the release of the new Android update to a lot of users and left those whom had updated in a tricky situation of downgrading back to a stable release.

To combat this, a Samsung Marshmallow Beta Program has just been launched for users of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The beta update will be supplied through Samsung’s Galaxy Care App and will last till January 18th 2016. This will give Samsung time to iron out the bugs and, hopefully, cut down the delay to all other users on other Samsung devices.

However, without wanting to be the bearer of bad news, this only applies to users in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, and only then if you are on the KT or LGU+ networks. There’s no news on why the decision was made to keep this at home, or whether this be rolled out to other countries in future. Our guess is, the closer to home the tests are, the quicker the updates and the better the communication can be. We also suspect it could be to do with network cooperation.

While this may be of no relevance to us in Europe or the USA, it’s fair to say this testing will help the rollout of Android Marshmallow to more Samsung users in the future.