Vainglory update 1.12 adds Kestrel hero, microSD support & more


Vainglory update 1.12

At this point Vainglory developed by Super Evil Megacorp is probably the best MOBA game for Android and iOS devices. Basically, this is the Dota/LoL of mobile devices, and it is currently upgrading to version 1.12. The game is so popular now, that it has its own eSports competition for professional players.

Some of you may have tried to login into Vainglory servers and all you could do is push a ‘More information’ button and then get redirect to Vainglory Server DownTime Twitch stream, where currently Super Evil Megacorp is live streaming multiplayer casual matches from their “Lair.”

Vainglory update 1.12 brings a new archer hero called Kestrel, a limited-edition holiday skin, major stability and lots of performance improvements and meta-shifting balance changes. But for Android players, there is an even better news. You dont need 3GB of free internal storage to be able to play Vainglory anymore, because you can now download the required files on an SD card. The game app (APK) is now a lot smaller in size too.

Below find all the changes the developer is bringing in this latest Vainglory update 1.12.


“Previously, people without 3GB of free disk space on their internal storage just could not play the game. Now that is no longer a restriction, as you can install to an SD card. If you know anyone who couldn’t play because of disk space issues, let them know about this improvement!” —BlasterMaster

  • Now able to install Vainglory to an SD card. If you have an SD card with enough disk space for the game present, you will get a pop-up with a choice to install to your SD card.
  • Smaller Vainglory app file size. (iOS file size also improved.)
  • Game will look more crisp on certain Android devices
  • Fixed issue that caused the old Gingerbread UI theme to show on new devices. The install process and settings are now themed to the preferred operating system look.

For further details on Kestrel, the new archer hero background and lore, as well as details about the changes some of the heroes received and server and game perfromance improvements, you can find it all here.