Android 6.0.1 released for Nexus Devices (Factory images)


Android 6.0.1 released for Nexus Devices

Android Marshmallow 6 has only been out for a month or so, but Google have already made improvements to the newest software update to it’s Android OS, releasing Android 6.0.1 in factory images which adds some great new tweaks.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow released:

Select Nexus devices will be getting the Over The Air (OTA) update in the next following weeks, with other phones getting the update soon (more on that in another story).

The new features included in the Android 6.0.1 update are mainly a batch of new Emoji symbols available to be used. Some of them are already installed on Android 6 Marshmallow, but weren’t accessible using the Google Keyboard pre-installed on the Nexus devices. The number of tabs for Emojis has gone from 7 to 10, which include some country flags, and a long awaited dial pad keys.

Along with the new emojis, other tweaks include accessibility for tablet users. The software keys which represent the back and recent apps buttons have moved from the centre (where they’ve always been) to the left and right respectively. This is useful for owners of larger tablets (such as the Nexus 9) allowing you to use the tablet in a landscape orientation and use those navigation buttons using your thumbs.

A further tweak in the Android 6.0.1 update is to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, with an added option of “Until next alarm”, meaning that you can have your phone on silent till it’s time to wake up.

There are also reports that Android 6.0.1 has brought an interesting feature to access the camera from sleep. By simply tapping the screen twice, you will access the camera straight away without having to wake the phone, then navigate to it, much like the feature on the Motorola G where you twist the phone with your wrist to wake up in camera mode. This is a useful feature for getting that quick snapshot when time is of the essence.

The final bit of good news is that Android 6.0.1 also includes the December security update in one, so you get new features and added security.

As already stated, Android 6.0.1 is already available in factory images online, and will be followed shortly by an OTA update to all new Nexus devices.