HTC One Smartwatch in the rumours again


htc one smartwatch

For over a year now, HTC has been rumoured to be working on a smartwatch, and we’ve even seen some alleged representations of such a smart wrist-worn device along the way.

The smartwatch HTC is allegedly developing is making the headlines again, as @evleaks breaks the news about a HTC One smartwatch coming as early as February 2016.

Now, the wearable segment is growing pretty rapidly, and HTC isnt going to miss an opportunity to capitalize on it, but they’ve got to do this right. We’ve seen a lot of smart watches coming in glory and going out the back door only months later. Hopefully, after taking them a couple of years to create such a gadget, HTC will not disappoint its fans again.

Fancy an HTC One Smartwatch? Do you consider buying One next year, that if the device will see the light of day of corse.