Microphone bug plagues Nexus 6P smartphones


Google Nexus 6P

As if the so called “bending problem” or the Camera visor shattering glass wasnt enough for both Google and Huawei, a new problem emerged with the Nexus 6P. Owners of such devices are reportedly having mircophone issues in calls, whether the smartphone is in regular voice call or in speaker mode (some users report). The problem doesn’t seem isolated, in fact it is quite spread and it occurs in phone calls, VoIP calls and in third-party apps calls such as Hangout (probably any service using the micrphone is also plagued by this bug).

The problem has been reported on Google Forums, Reddit, XDA Developers and other such forums. Google is aware of the matter and is already looking into it.

If you also have such problems with the Nexus 6P, then know that you’re not alone and most likely a future software update will fix the issue, unless it is a hardware problem.

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