3 Useful Android Apps for the Road


3 Useful Android Apps for the Road

3 Useful Android Apps for the Road.

You can make the most out of your smartphone by using it as some sort of a guide while traveling on the road using your RV. There really is an app for everything now and that includes ones for RV drivers who are in need of navigational help.

Thanks to the growth of the mobile industry, specialty programs such as RV apps are now being developed at a quick rate. Although Gaming Realms, a company that specializes in online slots with free spins and no deposit, has reported that over 50% of all smartphone usage is still attributed to gaming, the range of smartphone apps that have been released have made it so you can accomplish just about anything with your smartphone

With an industry this big, there’s no question that more RV-related apps will appear in the future. But as of this moment, here are 3 of the best apps that cater to the needs of an RV owner.

CoPilot GPS
CoPilot GPS has an offline map feature, which is tremendously useful for smartphone users who don’t have Internet access in their phone. CoPilot GPS is free, but there’s also a paid version that provides users with live traffic and map updates. CoPilot GPS comes preloaded with thousands of target locations including gas stations ATM, RV parks, restaurants, and more.

Passport America
Passport America allows users to search for over 1,500 campgrounds in North America. It also allows users to search for places that offer as much as 50% discount on camping activities. Passport America has been affiliated with thousands of participating campgrounds, RV Parks, and Resorts since 1992. Users can quickly browse within the app useful camping information from affiliates such as rates, rentals, amenities, and contact information.

RV Parky
RV Parky is quite possibly the best app among the list. It has over 25,000 listings of RV parks, camp grounds, gas stations, rest areas, and convenience stores. Each location has detailed information and pictures to quickly locate sites on the road. RV parky’s listings are classified into different categories, including public, commercially owned, parks, etc. for easier browsing. RV Parky is free to use, and best of all, it has no annoying ads!