Nexus 6P Camera visor glass spontanousely cracks!



Nexus 6P Camera visor glass spontaneously cracks, several owners report. The front panel protective glass sheet is also prone to scratches apparently.

Ever since the first Nexus 6P leaked images appeared on the Internet, people have been bad-mouthing that “black strip design” around the main camera (which by the way, is all glass made) because it makes the Nexus 6P look odd.

Now that the Nexus 6P is out and almost everyone can buy it, a handful of owners of this year’s Nexus made by Huawei, have complained on Reddit about the tempered glass around the Camera sensor cracking on its own. The probable cause is the sudden change of temperature and the tempered glass’ low tolerance to such quick changes, a cause we’ve seen before with the Nexus 4.


Some of these unlucky buyers report that the problem occurred less than 24 hours after buying the smartphone and this is not the only issue with the device, as other users on the same Reddit post report that the front panel glass is highly prone to scratches too.