OnePlus X available in Europe now, but still through an invite system



In case you’ve missed the news late last month, Chinese OnePlus start-up and the “flagship killer” maker, surprisingly announced a new smartphone beside the OnePlus 2, dubbed OnePlus X, a mid-range device with “killer design” as we nicknamed it at launch.

Knowing how hard it is to buy a OnePlus smartphone through their invite system, we are not that enthusiastic about this news, but some of you might be, that if you are one of the folks that are looking to buy the OnePlus X.

The OnePlus X sporting a glass-back (Onyx model  that is, not the ceramic) orders are now open to Europeans. The device’s price tag is set at €269, and you can also add one of the three out of five protective cases available for the OnePlus X, for €24.99 a piece (recommended, since it has a glass-made housing).