Worth upgrading from Xiaomi Mi4i to Mi4c?


Worth upgrading from Xiaomi Mi4i to Mi4c

In October, 2014, Xiaomi became the world’s 3rd biggest smartphone manufacturer. This company took roots 5 years ago in Beijing, China, and the most amazing thing about it, is that they gained a place on podium in such a short period of time. Nowadays, Xiaomi fights shoulder to shoulder with companies such as Samsung, LG, Lenovo and so on. Moreover, the company is described as “China’s own Apple Inc”.

One month ago, Xiaomi announced a new smartphone called Mi 4c, the successor of Mi 4i. Their design is almost the same, but things are pretty different under the hood. Also, there’s a price tag differences as well, the Mi 4c is slightly more expensive than the Mi 4i.

So, is it worth upgrading from Xiaomi Mi4i to Mi4c? Let’s find out together!