Android Wear powered Fossil Q smartwatch goes on sale in Q4, 2015



Android Wear powered Fossil Q smartwatch might go on sale by Christmas, Fossil cleverly hints at.

In August, at Intel Developers Forum (IDF) fashion brand Fossil in partnership with Intel and Google introduced three new connected device, including Fossil Q powered by Android Wear smartwatch platform

Designed by our über talented watch team and engineered with IntelInnovation, Fossil Q consists of a connected bracelet, a connected non-display watch, and a round face display watch that runs on Android Wear.

Late last week Fossil started teasing the smartwatch again, showed it off even at the Baja EastDion Lee fashion shows in New York and for the first time in high-quality images online on its website, unfortunately when it comes to hardware information the brand remains secretive.

Interesting fact, one of the pictures (up top) uploaded on Fossil’s website name is “Q4”, which could be carefully placed clue for us to find about the timeframe when the smartwatch is due to hit the market.

Is Fossil Q the smartwatch to buy for the Winter Holidays?