Google to launch Nexus 6P in four colors


Google to launch Nexus 6P in four colors

Google to launch Nexus 6P in four colors, newly leaked press image reveals.

Looks like the folk at AP have struck gold in terms of exclusive images of the yet to be announced Nexus 6P smartphone, as they keep publishing press images of the handset itself as well as retail packaging images of both Nexus phones.

This time around, they have revealed an image showing all four Nexus 6P color variants (Yes, there will be four colors to choose from!): Gold, Black, Silver and White. Although the front isn’t being shown off in this image, we know that it is black as it was on all three Nexus 5’s and earlier Nexus models.

Also, Google might sell the Gold Nexus 6P as an exclusive in key markets around the world.

Are you going to buy it? Which color will suit you best?



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