Samsung Galaxy phone owners complain about ads being pushed into the notification bar



This is unfortunate! Samsung is going evil, if we are to believe a news report from Android Police, in which it is stated that multiple Samsung Galaxy phone owners complain about ads that are being pushed into their smartphones via Samsung Push Service, a service that it is supposed to only push notification related to Samsung Pay, Samsung Link and other Samsung owned apps that are usually pre-installed on to its devices.

People have started reporting that Samsung is pushing into their devices ads about the recently introduced Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablet, the same one that is coming to Europe to replace the Galaxy Note 5, because “people want a big and beautiful screen, but not something with an S Pen,” according to Samsung’s own survey.

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The ads report is even worse, as the author of the article published by Android Police recently, says that he, himself, received ads in the notification bar via Peel, the developer behind the Samsung TV Remote app.

Did you receive any such ads on your Samsung Galaxy device recently?