Nexus 5 sequel allegedly photographed, on par with previous rumours


Nexus 5 sequel

Google is hard at work this summer together with its partners (LG Electronics and Huawei), because the company plans to launch not one, but two Nexus smartphones, both powered by the next iteration of Android – build M.

Over the weekend, plenty of information about both devices emerged online, including 3D rendering of the two and a photograph, which is allegedly portraying the Nexus 5 sequel (2015), made by LG.


While the LG model seems to be on par with all the rumours we’ve previously heard, including the fingerprint position right under the back camera, the Huawei Nexus doesn’t seem that convincing, but these are renderings after all and not the real deal.

The LG Nexus is said to feature front-facing stereo speakers, USB Type-C port connector, fingerprint reader, one of the new Snapdragon CPU’s (808, 810, unlikely to feature the Snapdragon 820). The Huawei Nexus however, is expected to pack the Kirin 930 / 935 CPU, not the S820 from Qualcomm.

The rumour has it that Google will release one of the two by the end of this summer, with the second one expected to hit the market in late October, early November.

Do you like how the two new Nexus phones might look like?

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