OnCircle feature to expand Samsung’s curved edges gadgets functionality



Samsung adds OnCircle feature to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at launch and to the Galaxy S6 Edge through a software update.

When Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge in March, in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress, the company brought only little functionality (Edge Lightning and People Edge) to the revolutionary curved on the edges display of the S6 Edge, which was a bummer but, with the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus tomorrow along with the Galaxy Note 5, the edges functionality will increase, allowing one to add app shortcuts for quick access.

The People Edge will be renamed to “OnCircle” feature that will allow the user to add up to 6 most important persons from their contact list, for quick calling, send personal images and share moods.


Over time, Samsung will likely develop specific software that will take advantage of the unused curved display space, because right now its pretty useless, more like a design gimmick.