Nextbit – Former Google and HTC employees to launch smartphones from September 1


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At first glance the name Nextbit doesn’t say much, but when you look up closely at the people behind this start-up project, you’ll understand why this could be an exciting one.

With Google Ventures as a backer and co-founders such as Tom Moss (previously working for Google Inc), Mike Chan (Android engineer) and Scott Croyle as Chief Product Officer, who previously worked at HTC as Senior Vice President of Design and User Experience, Nextbit sounds like a promising young mobile maker, at least on paper.

Thats right, mobile maker, because the company plans to unveil its first smartphone on September 1 and “It’s going to be friggin’ awesome,” said Moss, the chief executive of Nextbit in an interview recently.

Their premium smartphone will cost somewhere between $300 to $400, and it will be a game changer because,while most phones become obsolete after a period of time theirs will only get better, especially because the software will allow it to perform better.

“Your phone will perform better over time and function at a higher level because of this software enhancement.”

“Smartphone fatigue is a real thing, that’s why we’re doing something different,” said Moss

Nextbit is a new brand to keep an eye on, at least for the next 6 months. Do you agree?

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