Huawei built Google Nexus handset leak in a quick hands-on video?


Huawei built Google Nexus

Huawei built Google Nexus smartphone might have been spotted in a quick hands-on video.

You know the rumours! Google is working closely with LG Electronics and Huawei to launch a couple of new Nexus smartphones later this year (no Nexus tablet in 2015 apparently). The larger Nexus phone, it will be a phablet built probably by Huawei or at least that’s what the rumours tell us for the last 6 months or so. The other one is in LG’s hands and it will have a smaller form factor.

A brief hands-on video with an alleged Huawei built Google Nexus device has been uploaded on YouTube recently. But, instead of shedding some light on it, it raises more questions. For instance, the Square right under the Camera lens, is it a fingerprint reader, and where is the Nexus logo that should have been on the back of the device (I know, it is a “prototype”, but still). The only “valid” hint from this video could be the size of it (seems like a 5.7″ device in hand) and that it looks like a Huawei Ascend Mate/Honor, but with a plasticky back cover soft at touch, like previous Nexus devices.

What do you guys think? Would you fancy a Nexus phone such as this one?