Peggy App Review – Moto Actions for your non Moto phone


peggy app review

We’ve just told you about the new range of Motorola phones, which have a bunch of great features which will help you run your life easier. One of those apps is Moto Actions. This will behave certain ways depending on your activities. Now, an independent app developer has taken steps to help non-Motorola users to be able to do the same.

Peggy app Review:

Peggy is an app that will respond to calls you receive when you are undertaking certain activities such as walking, running and driving. When the app recognises that one of these activities are taking place and you receive a call which is either ignored or rejected, Peggy will send a text message to the caller saying that you are driving and will call back when available. That way, you get fewer distractions when driving when someone thinks you’re ignoring them.