Peggy App Review – Moto Actions for your non Moto phone


peggy app review

We’ve just told you about the new range of Motorola phones, which have a bunch of great features which will help you run your life easier. One of those apps is Moto Actions. This will behave certain ways depending on your activities. Now, an independent app developer has taken steps to help non-Motorola users to be able to do the same.

Peggy app Review:

Peggy is an app that will respond to calls you receive when you are undertaking certain activities such as walking, running and driving. When the app recognises that one of these activities are taking place and you receive a call which is either ignored or rejected, Peggy will send a text message to the caller saying that you are driving and will call back when available. That way, you get fewer distractions when driving when someone thinks you’re ignoring them.


Peggy can be customised in numerous ways. For example, if you don’t run, then don’t select the running option. If you don’t drive, don’t use that option. You can also customise the text messages that are sent to the caller.


What’s more, Peggy is due to get updated with plenty of new features such as:

  • custom defined geofenced activities – the user will be able to define custom activities based on a certain location, using geofencing. An examples activity is at gym – the user will be able to mark a certain area on a map as being the gym he/she frequently goes to. When entered the specified area, Peggy will automatically know the user is working out and will be able to properly respond with a custom message defined for that specific activity
  • custom generic activity – a generic activity the user can configure with a “title” and an SMS to be sent while engaged in. This a generic activity the user can enable/disable only manually and it overrides all other activities. For example a “busy” activity with the “I am busy right now. Call you right back” SMS. While enabled, Peggy would behave just like it does with other activities which are automatically detected.

So how does it work? Peggy use the Google play services activity detection similar to how Google Fit works out what activity you’re doing. This means it’s not going to be using any extra processing power or battery.


I’ve been trying out Peggy for the last week and it’s worked well. The activity detection can be a little spotty at times if you’re not going fast enough or stuck in traffic, however, it does work well, and keep you from being distracted whilst driving, walking or running.