Galaxy S6 mini caught on camera. Announcement pending?


Galaxy S6 Mini

Galaxy S6 Mini next in line to get a formal announcement from Samsung, in the following weeks? Pictures of the device get leaked online.

There’s a lot of rumours these days about Samsung Electronics upcoming gadgets, including rumours about the next-gen phablets namely Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus), which Samsung might allegedly unveil at a unsual early schedule event, on August 13. And the rumours don’t stop here.

Over this weekend, several photos portraying a Galaxy S6 Mini made their way on to the Internets. The Galaxy S6 mini could also get unveiled at the same rumoured event, on the 13th next month. Unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of information about Galaxy S6 mini hardware specifications, but we believe it is safe to consider a somewhere around 4.7″ handset, since all previous mini variants feature similar screen size.

For more photos of the Galaxy S6 mini, follow our source link below.