Brazilian Lenovo employee claims he holds Moto X 2015 in hand


Moto X 2015

What you see shown off in the hand of this brazilian Lenovo employee, is the alleged Moto X 2015 (at least that is what he claims). However we are not 100 percent sure that this is Moto X 3rd gen. We are more inclined to believe that this is Moto X Sport / Motorola Nuevo or one of the Droid series devices, if we compare it with a previous photo that was allegedly showing two of the Droid series phones, Moto G and the flagship Moto X for 2015.

The Moto X 3rd Gen has been rumoured before that it will come this year in two variants: regular 5.2″ phone and a larger model.

Moto X 3rd Gen is not the only Motorola smartphone to leak this week, the mid-range Moto series handset, Moto G3 has also been in the news.