Newly leaked image reveals 2015 Moto X, Moto G, New Droid & Droid mini



Motorola fans must be ecstatic at this news, as we are getting closer to an official unveil announcement.

We’ve recently had the chance to take a really good look at Motorola’s upcoming mid-range Moto series smartphone, the Moto G 3rd Gen, and now, a new real life image shows a rather similar device, but with a different (round) LED Flash below the camera, which makes us wonder if this isn’t the Motorola Nuevo, seen passing through the Indian customs earlier this month, or whether this is one of the Droid series phones.

Either way, it wont be long before Motorola will unveil its entire 2015 line-up of smartphones (both Moto and Droid series). In fact, the rumour has it that its smartphones will go on sale by the end of August, so, if you’re looking to buy one of the new phones Motorola is building, then you don’t have to wait that long to get your hands-on one of them.


Update: Well, what do we have here? After sharing an image less than 48 hours ago, the same source thought it would be nice to share another picture, but this time we have 4 upcoming Motorola devices. According to HelloMotoHK Facebook page, what you see in this photo from left to right are: the new Droid Mini, Moto G 3rd Gen, New Droid and the Moto X 3rd Gen.