Motorola Nuevo is the next flagship smartphone, but which one?



Motorola Nuevo is the codename of a new flagship smartphone built by the company controlled and owned now by Lenovo.

There is a lot of rumour circling around in media these days, about Motorola’s upcoming smartphones, especially regarding the next Moto X flagship and the new Droid series.

While these rumours keep resurfacing on the Internet, Motorola is still keeping us in the dark (no phones launched until now and we’re already in the 2nd half of 2015). At the end of this week a new handset codenamed Motorola Nuevo surfaced at the Indian Zauba customs.

The Motorola Nuevo codename appeared within the Zauba import – export documents hinting at a “mobile phone for testing and evaluation”, whose declared value is 39,444 INR (about 622 USD / 400 GBP / 555 Euo).

We don’t know exactly  what this is. It could be one of the Moto or the Droid series devices, but it could also be an entirely new handset, since its called Nuevo (New/Fresh). Either way, its value leads us to believe that this is one of the 2015 flagship smartphones Motorola will launch by the end of August.