Google and Blackberry announces Android powered partnership


Android powered partnership

Google and Blackberry announces Android powered partnership, and the enterprise world will never be the same.

This could be the most important partnership signed in 2015 (or in years) between Google Inc and Blackberry.

It’s common knowledge that the Canadians are struggling to keep their boat afloat for quite sometime. “It is a dying patient” some would say. But, this could change in a matter of a few months, with the adoption of the Android operating system and access to Google Play store’s millions of applications.

Blackerry is rumoured to introduce its first Android smartphone later this fall, and this is only the start of what could be a fruitful partnership with Google, from which will benefit not only the two companies, but also the clients (business enterprise customers).

Blackberry is working on a customized OS based on Android Lollipop, one that will run on the next wave of BB devices and one that will have all the BES12 security features, including the hardware encryption that is so much appreciated by BB clients.

If you want to learn more about their partnership and stay connected with its development, then go ahead and register on Blackberry’s website.